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“A Proper woman shows how important a communication is from generation to generation. And having a dream is the best way that we could go far as far as we want.”

Thida Prak, Cambodia

“Each story clicks together very well, and it gives a sense of adventure. Anyway, I had a chance to taste a new form of ideas from "A Proper Woman" yet it's fresh and it's dramatically beautiful.”

Dara Ly, Cambodia

“My journey with Thavry was deeply enhanced as I read her story. An inspiring insight bringing hope for a new generation of Cambodian, and young people everywhere. More than “A Proper Woman”-- a remarkable young woman.”

Junette Burke, Australia

"Thavry’s story is at times poignant, at times funny, but always enlightening and inspiring. She maps the path for many of this new Cambodian generation to follow and to see that while many traditions are important and should be preserved, others belong only in the past. Thavry has had an interesting life journey so far, and something tells me that she has many more adventures to come."

Iain Donnelly, Scotland

" A Proper Woman gives a good picture of women’s role in Cambodia. The author describes the societies tradition and history, at the same time as she describes her own place in it. Even if A Proper Woman is about growing up as a women in Cambodia, you can as a woman, from anywhere in the world you may come from, recognize many of the scenarios in the book. In the end, this is a call for questioning of the patriarchate and an inspiration to crush it. If not for yourself, for your future daughter. "

Malin Annie Jansson, Sweden

"A Proper Woman" is a refreshing story that encapsulates the resilience and determination of a woman as she challenges gender inequity. Thavry's journey plants a seed in readers, inspiring them to confront injustice and work diligently towards change. ”

Layla Connolly, USA

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