My name is Thavry Thun (pronounced tah-vree toon). My home is in the countryside, and I am from a simple farming family. We are a happy, hard-working family. I have two brothers and no sisters. When I was a young child, I enjoyed drawing, especially drawing portraits of people. I hope you will enjoy my website and be my friend.

Study history

Pre-School: I am the only one daughter in my family, and my parents always support three of us to go to school. They believe in education that change someone’s life. Compare to the other kids in my village their parents most would ask them to stop study and go to work as the garment works or the low job workers in the city. I was sent to school in 1994 to 2001.The different from my parents is that, they value in education even they have to work so hard in the rice field, and just get enough to eat and support hardly  for us to go to school. I went to school since I was five years old. My mother did not value material world very much, we grown up from a simple life style. I was not a very excellent student, but I never made my mom disappointed because o f me. I always tried hard to get a better grade. When I got free time from school, I helped taking care of my little brother, and my older brother helped my parents in the field as we need to helped each other to make a living. I knew how to make easy money since I were young by bringing my family’s fruits and vegetables to sell at the market. 

Secondary School: After I have successful with my primary school in my village, I had to transfer to the secondary school in 2002 to 2004. I need to have a bike, because it was about 15 to 20 minutes by bike and I have to wait to take a ferry , if I were lucky I would go to school on time, else I would be late due to the ferry. I had a bike that was bought for my older brother, well it was not a new one as the other had, but at least I have my own transportation to go to school. While I was studied there, I always wish to get a new bike. The type of Thai bike which has a basket in the front, I was really wish so, but as my mother she is not a materialistic person, and on the other hands she has to earn money for us to go school. So, I

could not have the bike as I wish. I started to learn English, during the lunch break, so I could not able to come back home. I have to stay and eat lunch at my aunt’s house and then go to English class. I enjoyed my English class very much. I always came home in the evening, and cooked the rice ( if I arrived home earlier than my mother or brothers). During my secondary school, I love khmer literacy and English very much. They both were my favorite. Until 2004, I have finished my secondary school, and have to transferred to high school which was much more further than my secondary school.

High School: In 2004 to 2007 I was in high school.Again, I have to used the old bike from my older brother. I felt so excited to come to high school, but it was much works than in secondary and primary school. I have to stayed in school from early morning until evening most of the day. I needed to wake up at 4:40 am to prepared my foods and take the early private extra class at 6am because the public school started. I hardly find the break time, because I have to take so many extra classes in order to catch up better in the class. My parents needed to have more responsibility for three of us, because of my older brother needed to continue his study in the university in the capital city, and I needed more money for my extra class, and little brother would go to primary school soon too. Luckily, I got small scholarship from my teachers. So I did not need to pay for math, physic, and chemistry. My parents need to do most of the works by themselves. I really wanted to help them, but I have to donated most of my time on my study. I feel high school was the most hardest and time consuming. I was very sick for my final year, and it leaded to not have a very good result. I was very upset about that. However, I have successful with my study.

University: I went to a private university in Phnom Penh, called Buld Bright University(BBU) attended Information Technology. My parents need to have a responsibility for the cost of living and school fee. It was not an easy life though. I need to stay in a small room by sharing with my friend. After 4 months, I have found a part time job in one organization called PEPY. Since then I could manage to pay the cost of living and study materials. One year later, I have decided to moved to Siem Reap with PEPY, so I transferred my study to Siem Reap also. I have enjoy my life in Siem Reap better than Phnom Penh. Even though it is far from my hometown. After seven months of studied in Siem Reap, In May fourth, there were one scholarship program that selected two students for 3 years program of Information Management to go to study in the Czech Republic. I have applied, and I was lucky that has been selected among 58 applications.

While I was study there, I have learned so many things. There were not only the subjects I learned in school, but I also got a chance to travel to many countries in Europe. At my university I got a chance to meet people from all over the world. It was very exciting for me as I came from a simple farming family. I would never imagine that I could have a chance to experiences all of these exciting things. It was my fortunate that I could come to Europe. My life style during I was in Europe was mostly exciting, however sometimes was not the way I wanted. I face some problems with foods and the weather. These both two things were the most challenging for me, but I never regret that I was there in Europe. Traveling is one of my dreams, and I was very lucky that I have been settling in Europe for few years. I have finished my bachelor degree in 2012 and has returned to my home country. 

I have been always loved art

Drawing portraits, animals, and landscapes comes as a natural talent for me. I have enjoyed drawing since I was very young, and continue to draw whenever I have time. I want to continue to develop my talent and perspective in art, no matter how long it takes, because I love what I am doing, and my art will continue to improve. I am still using only a pencil, but sometimes I will try to experiment with watercolors. I will persist with my love for art all of my life, because I also have a goal to become an artist and create many different and original works of art.

I enjoy writing 

I enjoy writing very much, and will also be writing for all of my life. I am gradually working on making many different books, and have already succeeded in publishing my first two story books for young readers through the ‘Room to Read’ program. It is my goal to publish a series of small books which will also include my drawings. The books will be easy for children to read, and will tell about real life stories in Cambodia. I am working on a novel, but it is a bigger project for the future.

Not only that, I also always love writing the short articles, and has been writing my diary since 2007. I found out that writing is always something for me to enjoy and I can remember every moment whenever I write them down.

I love travelling

Travelling is the best way to see the world, and make myself stronger. I always enjoyed and love travelling. It is one big part of my dream. It does not matter if I travel in the local or out side of the country. I always enjoyed learning new things. Sometimes it is not predictable, We do not know what will happen while we are travelling, We have to be ready to accept whatever will happen. And through all of these things will make us grow stronger and more confident. This is what I learn from travel.


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