Austria is not so far from Czech Republic. I decided to go to Vienna, the capital city of Austria. Austria is located in central Europe. I went by train from Hradec Kralove to Vienna. I need to transfer the train in Brno. I waited about two hours to catch new train that the direction to Vienna. From Hradec Kralove to Vienna by train was about 25$ one way.

The nickname of Vienna is “Vienna now or never!”, the city is very nice, and rich of art and music. I was there during fall season so it was quite a good weather. However, I still need a sweater during the night.

The transportation just make it easy for its people. I mostly traveled by subway, since I need to visit one way to another. I made my own foods at the hostel. Well, it is just a simple foods, mainly bread. Since I traveled by student budget, so everything need to be counted.

When I first arrived to Vienna, only I could hear was German language everywhere. Austria has the most German speaking country. The signs were all in German language which I could not understand any thing.

I went to checked in to the hostel, it was very nice hostel and cost 12 Euro/ night. The direction to get to the hostel was not difficult. After I checked in the the hostel, and took a rest a little bit, then decided to walk around the center. There are many Asian living in Vienna. I am glad that I could buy some Asian foods and drinks to eat. I have walked around until it late at night for the first day in Vienna. It looks similar to other European countries as I have visited, but it has its own unique and beauty.

I visited the palace where I spend almost a day there. The park was very nice, and huge. I did enjoy walking along the park. There were many tourist visited there. I can still remember how I sit on the hill and look at the natural view. It was just very nice feeling. I brought my own foods, so I could stay there longer. I walk slowly to enjoy the view there. I decided not to pay to see the opera and concert. It was expensive for me. 

So, I just spending enjoy the park. The building of the palace looks so nice. However, what I love the most there was siting and looking at the view of the whole Vienna. I spent an evening time to sit and watch the street concert. It was very nice, but I notice, most people keep holding the beers. Almost everyone who attend street concert drink beer. After one hour I decided to walked back to my hostel and relax. It was a very nice to visited Vienna, I am glad to say now, as the nickname of Vienna say Vienna now or never.


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