Be a “Free Range Human”- Part I

Maybe I call myself a “Free Range Human”, because I raised up in the environment that everyone was fighting for surviving, they fought to fill in the stomach, fought to be alive. To live the life in a very simple way. I grew up knowing that “education” could change my life, and learned to value that “hard work paid off”, I was not polluted by the media, because in my home, we only had 1 small radio, and later on when I was in secondary school. My parents decided to buy 1 black and white TV. I got limited to watch TV, because my parents wanted me to focus on studying. So, when I grew up, I had no desire to wear makeup, or thrilling for any nose, face, breast… surgery to change the way I look. I also never wish myself to be cut by a knife for just only to look different than my original beauty. I am not a piece of  meat that put on the chopping board to cut or chop. I am a living human, and cut or pealing over my skin or body is hurt, or having scars. I am not that type of thing. 

Most people did this silly things, because the media encourage them so, otherwise, how could a surgery business or cosmetic companies could earn money? To me, they are all an illusion, and the media is the sharp knife that could cut you into pieces slowly, and you will never feel enough of it. Many women would not feel confident if they don’t put on the mascara, or put on makeup, otherwise they feel like they are naked. You will always follow the fashion, once you fall into that trap. You will never catch up with fashion, because there are always new items, new style coming up.

A true beauty is when you look into a mirror and you see confident in that woman. When you feel comfortable with yourself in any situations, any cloth you wear, anywhere you go. I think, you will feel completely yourself when you are happy with the way you are, and the way you look at yourself, not the way that society looks at you.


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