Be a “Free-Range Human”- Part II

There are so many girls that have been in the trap of “I am ugly, I have to wear mask”, the society and media made them believe that way. They think that, they will look perfect, if they put on the makeup, wearing attractive cloth, and expect to look in a certain way. In Cambodia, having a brown skin is not popular, it is not attractive, it is not called “beautiful”. The definition of beautiful from the society is “You got to look slim, having whiter skin, wear some makeup to feel and be more a woman.” When I go back to my village people would come to my house and said, Mioun!(my nickname at the village, means little girl.) Why don’t you use some whitening lotion to make your skin whiter, or you earn quite good money, but why do you still wear so simple?”They do not get what I definition of “beauty and happiness,” so I don’t have to argue with them. As long as, I am happy the way I am. That’s the most important.

The media works just perfectly well with the cosmetic, or surgery companies, so that women would want to change the way they look according to what they see on TV, magazine, newspapers. But women forget that those images have been retouched to look in a certain way, so it makes you feel like if you be like that woman in the magazine, you are perfectly beautiful. The cosmetic, surgery businesses start to grow to please them. When they believe that they look beautiful as long as they put on that “mask”. You don’t feel beautiful, because when you walk on the street and the guys say you are not beautiful or sexy, so, in order to please them, and the society you got to look like what they expect you to do look. The definition of “Sexy” means you have to wear sexy cloth, to reveal part of your body, having big boobs, slim body, wearing high heels….

So, if you don’t have like what they expect, then you are out. Women, are you afraid that when you don’t put that mask, and no one will ask for your hand to marry? If you think that way, then you are like an object.

It is about the mind and the way you believe. If you let those illusion pollute your mind, then it hard to get out, once you enter into it, you always want more. You might end up living by wearing that mask all the time. Maybe some people would blame or criticize me from saying, but you can’t stop me from sharing my expression.

The way I keep myself out of the illusion world is to love myself, and knowing that I don’t please others from the way I wear or look. I need to inspired myself, encourage myself and remind myself that the things I do, won’t harm other. Bathroom is a place I could not refuse to go, so it is best  to write things that I could read, and look at it often. Inject the positive energy is the key to make myself happy and stay who I am. I never forget about my past and where I am from, because it made me “Me”.


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