How to travel cheap in Myanmar

I like an adventure, and take it easy, getting lost is fun, travel with the flow, be somewhere with someone or talk to strangers when I feel to. I am not passionate about shopping in the expensive...

Style of light packing for traveling

Maybe I am not very girly that always need all the make up supplies all the time, when I get too tired when I traveled, I did not even comb my hair, or wash my face, so there is no reason to bring...

You can be as good as you wish!

I don’t think, it is a mistake to be born as a woman. And I also don’t believe that it is a mistake to be born as a Cambodian woman. It might be true that Cambodia could be one of the toughest...

The 4th Publishing: A Proper Woman

This is the true story of a young Cambodian woman who has challenged her country’s social and cultural norms throughout her life and as a consequence has become an ambassador for female...


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