California, LA

My journey to the US this year has taught me so many things. Not only that, but also make many new friends. I almost missed my flight. I have confused with the time of departure on 12:15AM on the 12th of June. I was confuse of the next day, and did not realize it was after 12AM of the 11th. I dated myself for the last night in Phnom Penh before I left. So, I went to a cinema, and was going to massage afterward. 5 minutes before I went into the cinema room, I got a called from Anna, thank to her she has checked my flight and told I suppose to flight tonight of the.( She has called me at about 8:30PM of the 11th). I was freaked out, I did not even fully pack yet, I thought, I got another day. I rushed myself to the airport as soon as I could, I did not even had dinner yet.

However, I could able to catch my flight as scheduled. My journey to the US was long. I was surrounded with many Chinese people. As soon as I get into the plane, I fall asleep, until the early of the morning next day, I arrived Shanghai.

I have layover in Shanghai for 8 hours, I had another sleep, because I knew, after this, it will be another long flight. Then I catch the connect flight to LA. It was my first time flying across the Pacific ocean. I tried to kill my time by watching so many movies, but still after few movies, I still did not reach the destination yet. I was wondering how is LA? Many people talk about LA, lot of movies stars live there as well. My second time, returning to the land of America, but different part.

After almost 24th hours of traveling, I finally arrived to LA. I passed through the security and stamped my passport. They did not ask me so many questions, He looked at my passport, and it seem like I am not a type of person that come and stuck here and never return. Then left the airport. I was outside of the airport and trying to search for the Custom hotel shuttle bus. I could feel the weather was colder and clean. I have been waiting and looking for the bus.

After about 40 minutes of waiting for a bus, I finally could find one. I took that bus for about 15 minutes. I look outside of the bus window, everything is so fast, and big. But I like it clean. I sometimes, feel strange when I stand in a foreign land, and I could understand what people are talking.

I arrived to the hotel and checked in. I felt so tired after the long travel. Jet Lag was bad, it took me almost a week to adapt to the time zone. It was my first time to be in LA, it is a very big city for me compared to where I am from. The roads were so big, and everything was so big. Anyways, at least I have arrived safe. I was so much enjoyed sleeping in the thick blanket without using air con for a while. As in Cambodia, always sweating and heat bothering me most of the time, but on the other hand, sunshine all year around. I was so excited eating strawberry and cherry. They are so expensive in Cambodia. I should enjoy L.A for now


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