Camping Khao Yai National Park (Part 2)

14 October 2015 part 2

Lovely Khao Yai, I had an easy day again, my knee still hurts. I felt it was going to rain. Though the temperature was just chilly. I met one more new friend. He is Chinese-Thai. He could speak English. He has advice not to go to Pattaya, it is kind of a sin city. If you want to go for girls, then it is your destination. But if you just want to enjoy with nature, it is not the place for you. There are also very crazy about pick pocket, drug… and more. Sometimes, I just want to know how is the sin city? I might still go someday 😀 Just to see. 

After about 30 minutes of conversation, He told he will drive for free to the Lake. It was about 7km. For the short cut would be 3KM by walk. It is such a great time here. My easy going day was not that bad. I rest and eat, slept, and listened to the bird singing, with the sound of waterfall. Isn’t it beautiful? I am lucky. It goes with this”Life is too short to not do what you love”, it might be a bit hard at some point, when you meet your school mates and they own a house, car, and stable jobs, and when you look at yourself, you still do what you love to do, but you are not rich or have the thing like they have. But I am rich too, rich tastes of my life. 

There were about 10 monkeys came to steal the foods from one of the grandpa’s car. He has been camping here for about 4 nights. I saw him took selfie with deers, and did not realized his foods were stolen by monkey. In the evening, the Chinese grandpa told me to go to the other grandpa that his foods were stolen by the monkey. Just to hangout and kin cafe( to drink coffee). I went and hang out with them. I needed to use my basic Thai to talk to them. They did not talk English. Grandpa boiled a hot water and made coffee for me. The grandpa said to me “Khun Thai”( you are Thai) I said” Mai chai,  Chan keu Kampucha, Chan phut phasa, Thai nik noi.( No, I am not Thai, I am Cambodian, I can speak Thai a little. I like to meet people, and share moment with them, learn from them, and laugh with them. It is a nice feeling to be included. They are good people. We took pictures together, and our barrie language conversation went pretty okay.  Oh! and I had my fry rice with egg for dinner, Yes survive another day! 😀