Czech Republic/Hradec Kralove

I attended a program in the University of Hradec Kralove in the major of Information Management. It is the 3 years program. I studied in English program. There were many international students came from all over the world to study here.

For the first semester, I took so many subjects (12 subjects) and I remembered, I studied so hard. I got so excited to chose optional subjects, because they were free. Different than in Cambodia for any optional subjects I wanted to study, I had to pay extra.
I was so hunger of study and I was glad to attend any of those extra subjects.
I also got to learn Czech language, trust me. It is the most difficult language to study. Oh well, if you know Russian, then learning Czech is not that difficult.

The school system designed different than in Cambodia. I required to study and research more on my own. Beside, studying those subjects, I also get a chance to attend other social events from the school, such as countries presentation, Grill party, welcome international student party, and many more.

At school, I get a long with everyone. My classmates were from Bahrain, India, Russia, Tajikistan, Taiwan, and many other European countries.


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