Do we all really have choice to make?

Many of you maybe know that I have some sort of lower back problem. I know that going to massage is not a solution, but it gives me kind of relaxing and allow me to not feeling pain short temporary. I decided to go for a massage for 1 hour and 30 minutes today and there was a small young girl, about 3 years younger than me came with smile and asked me very politely.

I always like to learn more about their life, and wondering what is the story behind the scenes. In this society, we know that these girls are being judged as not a good girl even though, we know nothing about their life.

I was in the rooms with 4 beds, there were 2 men were doing massage next to my bed (there were curtain block in between each bed) I stayed quietly, I did not talk to the girl much. However, I heard the men next to me talking in an harassing way to the girls. To them, they think it is normal to do so, because these girls work in this industry. I did not feel comfortable about it.

After 20 minutes later, these men have left. I started to talk to the girl who do the massage for me. I asked her “Is it normal that the clients talk to you in a harassing way like that?” And she said “Yes!”, when she did not want to respond or did not want to talk then the client said “Why are you being picky to not even want to talk to client, so why do you work as a massage lady?”

She said, sometimes some clients even touch their boobs or touching them around. The men think it is okay to harass, because they are just a massage lady. She said “There is a small percentage that some massage ladies did offer more than just massage, but they all have the stories behind which we never know or understand. One time, there was one male client who finished the massage and he was naked himself and told her and her friend that if they please him, the money on the bed will be theirs. (She said it was a lot of money but she and her friend refuse.), and another time, she was doing the massage to one client alone in the room, after awhile, he fall her to the bed, but she tried to push and ran away.

I was very grateful that the lady did share her story with me. She has married when she was 20 years old and have 2 children. She live in the rented room which cost her $25 per month with her husband and children. She works from 11AM to 11PM (12 hours), her basic salary is $60 per month. She has told me that, she always depend on tips. She said, she always want to use her work force to make money, she does not want to offer anything more, she has a husband, and children, and she understand also that mainly those men who came, also have wife and children. She understand the woman’s heart.

When I have heard all the story behind what she has been through, I was unspeakable. To earn to survive the life that has existed on this world has so much struggles. I still don’t understand some men, why do they have to think that when they have money, they have power, and the girls who work in this industry is more like an object. I don’t agree. No I don’t, even it is their choice to work in such a place but at least give them some respect. We may have so many choices to make in life, but not everyone does!


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