Exploring Beautiful Myanmar- Part I

I had been very excited to come to Myanmar. It is a trip that I had planned for few months. It is a trip that is for myself not for someone else. My last flight was in November, so it has been half a year that I have not traveled out of Cambodia.

My first time traveling to Myanmar. My fight stopped over in BKK for 2 hours. Then transfer to Yangon. I told myself to see Myanmar before it will change, once the tourists come and soon Myanmar will not be the same anymore. It will be more like Siem Reap. It is more like traveling back in time of Cambodia back in 1995.

The way, people still hold very strongly about their culture and tradition, the way of living. When I first landed in Yangon, over from the top, it felt back to my childhood. People are more relax and accepted to their way of lives. My 8 days in Myanmar allowed me to explore Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan. It was worth to spend those beautiful time there.

Myanmar people are very friendly and welcoming. I feel more safe here. They still confused I am Burmese. Some people talked to me in Thai, they thought I am from Thailand. I enjoyed so much sitting in the taxi toward to city center, the streets are clean, and so many trees along the road.s. There are many parks in side the city. The more I explore and understand about the city, the more I feel pain thinking about my own country. I did not think, it is back in 1995, this country has train or public transportation ready work for it people. But Cambodia back in 1995, I did not think, it had big big parks for its people to breath and relax after work. However, I am glad that I come at this period.

The best way is to have local friends, it is a way to understand deep into the culture and way of lives. I am very fortunate that I have friends there. After I have spent one night in Yangon, I felt so welcoming, I felt like home in a foreign country. I love to watch women wearing long skirt and carry an umbrella. I do respect the way they wear very much. Sometimes, showing the body too much does not make it so attractive. These women are beautiful and attractive.

Travel with the right partner is the best feeling and it is a way that make the situation more memorable. Sreymao, a good friend of mine who I have known since 2009 has traveled with me. She is like my sister, and I love traveling with her. She is a carefree woman, loves adventure, enjoy simple ways and we both are alike this way.

Traveling allows me to learn more about myself, time to reflect, get to learn and understand new culture, tradition, foods, meeting new people unexpected, getting lost, and get to see many beautiful places. I can’t live without traveling in my life. Traveling makes me growing up and understand the world’s view better.


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