A Proper Woman

Published: 2017-01-09 19:56

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My second time of publishing the children’s book. It is my favorite book. It was published in 2011 by RoomtoRead organization.

It about a girl named TeyTey who was struggle to do her math homework. When in the evening, she was sitting by her window and trying to solve her math homework.

She looked into the sky and saw a moon. She thought to herself, if I could fly to talk to the moon, I would go right now.

Then she looked at her homework on a table and holding her ruler. All the sudden, she felt herself sitting on a ruler and flying outside of her window to the moon.

She was very happy  and finally she would talk to the moon.

“Moon! you are so big and so bright!”

“Yeah, I am!”

“Moon, looks! so many stars!”

“What can you see out of those stars?”

“Oh well! I could see the stars combine into 0 number”

“What else can you see?”

“Oh I see the number 10”

“Haha! you are so clever, what else can you see?”

“Oh hey, I could see the number 100”

“Oh really? that is interesting, can you see anything else out of those stars?”

“Yeah, yeah! I could see number 1,000”

“Oh wow! that is big number, what can you see beside those numbers?”

“Oh hey look! I saw the Cat, she is beautiful.”

“You are very smart”

Suddenly, her cat came and touches her legs and she was awake, she knew how to solve her math homework with a big smile–“I talked with the moon” said TeyTey