Paris is known as a romantic city in the world. It is one of the cities I want to visit as well. I have already achieved my dream. I was in Paris for 5 days. 

During the late winter, Paris was still freezing. I was lucky that I have my International student card, so most of the museums I could get free entrance, also discount for going up to the top of Eiffel tower. What I was excited was seeing more Asian around me, as well as the Asian foods. 

I was eating mostly just Asian foods. I wish there were some more Asian shop which sells the foods that I love, but unluckily there is not much in where I live now. I was almost 1 day at the Louvre Museum, Louvre became a public museum at the end of the 18th century. There are about 35.000 objects on display, spread out over three wings of the former palace. The museum has a diverse collection ranging from the antiquity up to the mid 19th century. A large part of the collection consists of European paintings and sculptures. Other rooms contain Roman, Egyptian, Greek and Oriental art. 

There is also a section with ‘Objects d’Art’, where objects such as clocks, furniture, china and tapestries are displayed. Some of the most famous works of art in the museum are the Venus of Milo, the Nike of Samothrake, the Dying Slave by Michelangelo and of course Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. I am impressed; It is very big and full of famous art and architecture. Again, I got free entrance. 

The Mona Lisa painting was there, and there were many people wanted to take picture with her painting. It is a portrait by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. It is a painting in oil on a poplar panel, completed circa 1503–1519. There were many thousands of art in Louvre Museum. The next day, I visited Orsay museum, it is free for International student under 24 years old, and I went there for free again. Orsay museum built between 1898 and 1900. The museum holds mainly French art dating from 1848 to 1915, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, and photography. 

It is probably best known for its extensive collection of impressionist and post-impressionist. I was there almost the whole afternoon just to see the art work, impressive to such a rich and famous art. I have visited several museums, and the rest of my times were exploring the life of being in the romantic city. For that day, I mostly travel by using the subway map, as I have lost my city map. It was okay, I could find the way, and could get to where I wanted to go. 

However, the walking day was not that bad.The view along the river was quite nice. I did enjoy it that time. I notice that, most of the architecture in Europe are similar. the model of housing, foods, well maybe in each countries, they have their unique transitional foods. The cost of living in Paris is more expensive than where I am currently live and study. Paris is the capital, so most people i asked, they could speak English, I could say few words in french such ask, Bonjour, comment allez vous? Merci beaucoup. I would like to learn and be able to speak french someday.


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