Since I was living in Czech Republic, so I was a good time for me to just cross the border to visit Germany. One of my Cambodian friend, a friend of my brother she had a short course training in Berlin. So, I decided to go and visit her.

 I took a bus called “Student Agency”, it took 6 hours. I went to Germany alone. I realized that, the more I travel, the more I become more independent. The weather were nice, not to cold not too hot. It was just perfect spring.

I have enjoyed to speak some Khmer with my friend, and she offer me a place to stay with her, so I did not need to pay for the hostel. It one part I could save for my next traveling. It was a Cambodian new year, so, we celebrate the new years with multi nations who came from all over the world. I spent my time exploring Berlin alone. I walked from one place to another.  I realized, people walk so fast, they seem to work so hard.

The city is beautiful and clean. My friend, Kounila also took me to visit a Cambodian-German family. They got a lovely 2 kids, one boy and one girl. They were so lovely and friendly. It were I met 5 Cambodian people and I could speak Khmer and laugh. 

Sometimes, I get unexpected event or surprise. I was not sure if I could meet such a nice Cambodian people that far a way from Cambodia. I was very happy to meet them.

Since then, we became friends.


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