How to travel cheap in Myanmar

I like an adventure, and take it easy, getting lost is fun, travel with the flow, be somewhere with someone or talk to strangers when I feel to. I am not passionate about shopping in the expensive gift or cloth shops, but I love seeking  for a life’s adventure’s experiences.

Checking the flights is one of my favorite things to do. I looked for cheap flights to travel, so that I could enjoy more. I would plan my trip ahead, mostly about 2 to 3 months. I used Air Asia to travel in Asian countries. In Europe, I used easyjet and wizzair. Planning an advance, I could save about 30% of the total trip cost.

My route of the journey total of travel on land about 1696 km

Cambodia > Yangon > Mandalay > Pyin Oo Lwin > Mandalay > Old Bagan > Yangon > Cambodia

I did travel very cheap in Myanmar, I took an airasia, it was only $169 round trips. I have traveled to 4 different cities. The main cost of the travel would be flight tickets, and the rest is not very expensive, it is affordable price.

Transportation and food in Myanmar are very cheap. There is a range of hostel and guesthouse. I was lucky to be spent at the homestay in Yangon city at my friend’s place.

I have spent few days in Yangon, then I took a night train to Mandalay, it cost 14000 kyat, about $12 which you can get a sleeping bunk bed with 4 bed private cabin. So, I saved 1 night at the hostel. It took about 12 hours, I enjoyed it very much, I could see the land of Myanmar during the sunset and the sunrise the next day.

When I arrived to Mandalay, I have stayed at a hostel called 4rivers hostel. You can choose a dorm which is about $9 to $10 or private room with aircon for $28/night, as I travel with my friend, so we paid $4 extra to have a private room.

The best way to explore the city is renting either a motorbike or bikes,  the average price of motorbike is 10,000 kyat about almost $10 per day. Eating is very cheap, I would pay for my breakfast at about $1 include Burmese tea. A type of noodle soup, or fry noodle. Lunch would cost from $1.5 to $5 or $7 of your choice. I continued my journey to Pyin Oo Lwin town that costed me only $4 for transportation round trip from Mandalay.

A train from Mandalay to Bagan is pretty cheap, I chose to travel like local so I paid 1,100 kyat, about $1 to get there, I could not believe that, because the journey took 10 hours and 30 minutes. You can get a VIP bus from Bagan back to Yangon for 14,000 Kyat about $12.

Explore Bagan, you must buy the entrance that cost 25,000 Kyat about $22 for the duration of 7 days. There are many hostels, the range from $8 up, I and my friend choose the $20/night hotel include breakfast, it is the best way to travel with total of 2 people, in a way you can save up the cost from almost anything.
PS: If you have a right partner to travel with otherwise don’t bother, you might not enjoy your trip if you travel with a wrong person. 

If you plan to travel from Cambodia to Myanmar and want to spend about 8 days like I did, then about $200 to $250  exclude flights would be enough only if you choose to travel more like locals. (I spent $180 of the trip, but I bought 300 bags cost of $30 of Burmese home, because I love it) 🙂 My real spend was just $210 🙂 

It worth of a life experience, because I only live once. An Iphone would cost much more than this and soon the new model are coming out, the Iphone would not worth the same, but life’s experience is worth to invest and spend on. I would prefer to be rich of life’s experiences, culture immersion of different culture, being lost in the world where I am and will be.


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