Just Cross the Border (part 1)


My journey to Thailand seeking for living in the nature and escape from a busy city. the bus took 10h instead of 8h. I tried not to take Sorya bus, but I had no choice, because it was the Cambodian Pchum Ben Day, everyone was leaving Phnom Penh to their homeland. I get so annoyed by their unprofessional service. They stop almost every 20 minutes. It was my first time to cross the border via poi pet port.

 When I first arrived to the border,  the motor taxi Cambodia side told me if I want to cross faster, I can pay him 300 bath. I said no. I am as an Asian member crossing border does not cost anything. I felt my own people try to cheat on me. He thought, I was traveling for the first time. It was so easy crossing. I only need to get a stamp from Cambodia and Thai side, they did not ask me anything. After I walked from Cambodia part to Thai part the situation is so different. 

They got nicer and cleaner. as soon as I get out of the border the Tuk Tuk Thai part could speak some Khmer. I paid 100 bath to take me to Aranyaprathet market.  people confused that I am Thai. Everywhere I go they spoke Thai to me. I found a hotel for 450 bath with hot water and air con. a lovely simple one. the owner was so friendly.  they were mostly thought I am a Thai lady. I went to 7/11 when I first arrived to the Thai-land to buy some foods. The people there  were talking to me in Thai again. All the restaurants were closed. So only 7/11 could saved me. I felt  tired though after a long bus journey from Phnom Penh.


After breakfast, I try to find a bus to Prachin Buri, they thought I wanted to go to Prachan Buri, so they sent me to another station.  I was kind of lost. So one man came to me and told “wait here” .Then I said in Thai” chan machak prates Kampucha” then he talked in khmer. He can speaks some Khmer. I wrote down the place I wanted to go,  he said I need to go back to the place they sell tickets to Banhgkok, so I went back bought ticket for 125 bath and took 2h 3min. I like looking through the window. the view is so similar to Cambodia but it is cleaner and the roads are nicer too.     


At about 10:40 am I arrived Prachin Buri. I was happy and walked around and after I felt my bag is heavier.  I walked to find information center but it was closed.  I went to ask the bus to Khao Yai. The ticket seller  said 1500 bath/pax. That is way too over price. it is just 52 km a way. I and Tom kept walking to find Tuk Tuk. It might cost about 200bath per person. I met one Cambodian and he advice me this.

After 10 minutes of walking, I  couldn’t find any Tuk Tuk, but one car stopped, and ask”pai naai?” means where are you going?,  I said “pai Khao Yai” means I go to Khao Yai. Then we spoke in English.  I told that the bus ticket seller wanted to charge me 1500 bath. After she talked to her mum, she said her mum will take us to Khao Yai. but we will go to city center first. I put a big smile on my face, an unexpected situation could happen like this.

I  jumped behind their car. when I arrived to their house. They offered me water and took me to lunch. There were so much foods. I was so hungry, I keep saying “Mai Ped” means no spicy! They said it is their treat. They paid for lunch. What’s on earth exist of these kind and compassionate people like them?

So, after lunch we departed to the Khao Yai park. It was about 2 hours to get  to the camp ground. we took pictures together. And keep contact via Facebook.  Her mum said she stopped the car because I do backpacker like her daughter.  it was interesting.  we speak limit of both English or Thai but, one big common is big smile to each other. Benz’s mum told I am her daughter, so I went to the park for free. they thought I am Thai.

when I arrived to the park. I felt so happy with the nature and the cleanliness. To camp at the campsite is 30 bath per person per night.

It costs 30 bath per person per night. if you want to borrow a tent for 2 people is 150 bath sleeping bag is 50 bath per night.  The food is about 40 to 50 bath fry rice with pork or pat Thai. I used my own tent, and unluckily the very first night of my camp was raining, and badly, my tent was not water proof. So I got all wet. I needed to run to camp inside at the bike station.

12 October 2015

Today, I need to move to the tent to another summer house. I am afraid it would rain again. After breakfast, I went to trekking to waterfall. After breakfast then, I walked to the campsite to see the waterfall. I met Thai people there, and I only spoke few Thai words. after I told them in Thai that I am from Cambodia. they started to smile and the boy came and talk to me in Thai.  I used my Thai basic to communicate with him. again we use the common sign “:)”  The road is beautiful and clean along the road there are trees all around the temperature is perfect for trekking.

until I reached to second waterfall it was already 2:30 pm. However I loved it. from Lum takong campsite to both waterfall I walked 14 km in total. on the way back, a kind couple drove the car and stop ask “pai nai?”I said Lum Takong campsite. It was nice of them. there is always nice people exist. It is a beautiful day though after trekking I felt tired and my knee hurt a bit.

Today is the day 2 I didn’t have rice. They didn’t sell much warm foods, so I have to survive somehow.  I saw other campers grill sausage I wish I could have some but in reality I had my dry meat and sweet for dinner. I can not wait to have rice again. Sometimes,  travel taught me so many life lessons, patience, compassion,  survival skill. I might not be rich like some of my school mates or having nice house, car and other material world, but most I have is my backpack that full of new experience,  friendship, survival skill, life lessons, and exploration. New taste of life. I don’t know how I became this type of person?  I always desire to see new place meet new people and learn more about myself.  I am poor but I am rich in a way I define myself.


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