Laos/Biking day in Luang Prabang

I decided to rent a city bike that cost 15,000 kip, Oops! I forget it is the mountain city. I decided to cross the Mekong river to the other side, though crossing was expensive. One bike, one person cost 10,000 kip(1.25$), while in Phnom Penh would cost 2,000kip (0.25 USD), Anyways, I kept biking and did not know where I was going, I only knew I was biking forward. Whatever it lead me, I would be happy. Cycling on a mountain with a city bike was not a good idea. I wish, I could have rent the mountain bike instead.

I bike up hills, and down hills until I arrived to one local waterfall where people use it for living. I saw one lady was washing cloth there while one other man was taking the water into a big container. I stopped by to wash my face, and had a short rest under the tree. Then I kept biking toward to a place I did not know. After 30 minutes later, I decided to take a break under the tamarind trees. It was a hot sunny day, I did not expect that. It was raining in the morning and all the sudden, it was very hot.

At noon, I rode a bike back, it was a bit harder since the sun was getting hotter and I was getting tired with no lunch yet. I did not give up at half way. I kept paddle until I reach the ferry. As soon as I arrived town, I ordered a banana shake and 1 sandwich. I was very hungry like a cow with no grass for few days. I decided to take some rest because I had enough adventure. Traveling alone is fun, and very independent. I can decided if I want to rest, sleep, eat, do whatever I want.

In the evening, I was biking around town. Luang Prabang is not big, it took me just 1 hour and 30 minutes. I was biking all over the town. I love the view cross the bridge and see from the other side. Up and down hills was so much fun. I love to bike there very much. Along the riverside, there were many tourists hangout and drinking. I was enjoying myself along with the beautiful view of the sunset. I biked until 7:30PM, I had a great evening enjoying myself very much.

My 3 American roomates, and 1 Canadian were prepared to go out to club. They asked me to join them, but I refused. I prefer to sleep, write my diary, be with myself. If whoever say “When traveling if you don’t come to the local club or bar, it does not count you come to visit this place!” Then I will let them win. Because people who travel seek for a different taste and experiences.

2 of them came back at 2AM, and another 2 came at 3AM, even though they went out as a group, but they drank so much, they were drunk, who knows what will happen. they were a little loud. I still don’t get it. Why traveling so far from home, and after all just want to get drunk, and enjoy western music? But in the morning they apologized me. I know that I don’t belong to this type of experience.


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