Laos/Luang Prabang- Heaven On Earth

I then continue my journey solo to Luang Prabang. The bus took about 9 hours from Vientiane. It cost about 21$. It was worth traveling by bus. To me travelling is not about getting to the destination, taking pictures of the remarkable places, and then go, but it is a journey,  learning along the way to get to that destination. Destination is only a target that I am going to go there, but seeing the lives of local people, the rice paddies, the water stream and buffalo laying in the mud was something I love to watch along my journey. 

I was traveling alone, is fun and having so much time for myself. I could meet new people, and enjoy the way I want it to be. I stayed in the hostel, sharing room with white girls. I am the only Asian in the room. The town of Luang Prabang is small, just like Siem Reap. Though, this town has so rich of natural resource, mountain, the Mekong river, the waterfall, forest, all in one. I love the nature here so much.

The Kuang Si waterfall was like a heaven on earth. I first walked to the Tuk Tuk, and he asked me 150000 kip (almost 20$) for return he would leave now. Though, it might be the price, since he has to wait there few hours and earn almost 20$, but I refused not to pay that much. I travel with budget, so I prefer to share with others to pay less. I decided to walked to the road toward to waterfall, I knew many taxi or Tuk Tuk would go that way. I was waiting there for about 10 minutes, and then there were 10 seats car stopped next to me and asked if I would like to go to Kuang Si waterfall? He charged 40000 kip which was a big different number. So, I said yes!

I was sharing with 2 old Japanese men, they were friendly and humble and 3 other English women which were not wearing appropriate cloth at all. They wore bikini right away from town and sit in a van with an Asian men, showing off their revealing stuffs. I don’t think that was a good idea. They might think, it is a tourist place and they were going to the waterfall anyways, but I don’t feel they show some respect to such a Buddhism country. Don’t forget, you are just a guest to the country you visit, if you act like you are at home, then you are not aware of where you are at all.

The journey took about 30 minutes to get to the waterfall. I paid 20000 kip for the entrance. When I walked pass the entrance, there were Free the bear project right in front of the waterfall. People stop by and look at the bears and some were taking pictures. I walked about 40 meters later, I saw the very green and beautiful waterfall, I could not stop taking my eyes of from it. I saw many western people wearing bikini swimming there. I kept walking up one step each time and taking pictures of the waterfall. I think, it was the most beautiful waterfall I ever since in my life. Too beautiful to accept the truth. I walked all the way up to see the long waterfall, so many steps falling very beautifully. And as soon as it fall into down part, the water was very green. I called it “Heaven on Earth”.