Laos/Solo Travel Vs Backpackers

Do you have to know how to drink alcohol and smoke cigarette to call a man?  And do you have to know to wear make up, drinking and wearing short to call you an attractive woman?

To me, Travelling to a different place than your own means to learn something new and explore new culture,  get to know the local and most important is to respect the culture and people in the region.  I know, people have their own style of traveling and seeking for different things.

What is the point when mostly you hang out at the pub or bar and get drunk with your same people. Having fun means to get drunk and to pass out without even knowing where you were and who you were with? Or you travel for only get cheap beer and cigarette?  Then why spend your time and money traveling half of the world to such a place and after all you will get drunk anyway.

Some might hate me to say these but it’s from one of the local perspective point of view. Some white girls even walk with bikini on the street, some were passed out and did not even know where they were, and could not even get into the room by herself. I know its a tourist place but don’t forget it’s a Buddhism country at least show some respect.

I am not saying all the backpackers but some of them really I couldn’t stand not to write. Solo travel or travel with people safe or not is up to you to make an inform decision whether you should go there or you should step back. I knew, I don’t belong to the hang out late until 3 or 5AM in the morning. I don’t have energy to sit and talk and drink like that. I also know that in some situation I don’t fit in, and that’s okay. I can find something to enjoy on my own. When I traveling alone, I don’t mind to make new friends, but I always use my consent to guess whether I should continue the conversation with a person or just leave.


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