Malaysia/Adventure in Cyberjaya

13th November 2015

After a long day yesterday, we had a bit of sleep. We decided to take an easy day before we will go to Penang. After lunch we went to Magic, where my older brother studied. The place is really cool. It is really nice, and friendly environment. People there are friendly. My brother introduced us to them, and they all said “Hi”. I got to finish my project before noon, so I stayed at Magic until about 3PM. The plan was going to Penag from Cyberjaya at 12AM tonight, but we could not book a bus to go. Then instead we went shopping. 

I like the the roads are so clean, no rubbish, or dust. Before I came, my imagination was different. I thought, Malaysia would be like Thailand in a way that is more develop than Cambodia. But, in fact, when I was on the train from the airport, I felt like I was taking a train in Europe. It is really good public transportation here. My brother, Sela and Reasey were walking to find foods. We in fact had trouble with the foods. I don’t blame no one, it is the way it is here. I have a problem with foods not because I don’t like the food, but because I am not get used to.

This is a part of traveling, and is also a part that I feel like I have grown up, open up my eyes and mind to see a bigger world. There are so many more things that  I need to explore. Malaysia is my first sibling trip. 


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