Malaysia/First Siblings Trip

12th November 2015

I woke up early today. I packed all my stuff for the trip to Malaysia. This is the first time ever that I and my 2 brothers have the trip together. I always dream to have a family trip. I always dream to take my parents explore the world other than just their farm and homeland. I believe I could someday.

My flight was at 8:35 AM in the morning. Sela-my youngest brother. It will be his first time to be on the plane. We were waiting on the line for the check in. Reasey, my brother from another mother is also his first flight. I told both of them about the process from check in until security check before we can boarding.

When we are all on the plane. Sela was sitting next to the window, and Rithy was sitting next to him and I was sitting on the other row. I was looking at Sela’s face, when the crew said prepare for take off. I saw his big smile on his face, and he kept looking through the window. It remind me of my flight to Europe for the first time, I have spent few hours looking through the window, and realized how lucky I was.

Sela must be wonder to see the view from the sky. He was still looking through the window, while my big brother was sleeping very deeply. It has been my dream to have our flight together. I know my mother was very worried that we 3 took a flight together, but we were just fine.

The journey took about 2 hours. Finally at about 11:30 AM Malaysia time, we have landed safely. We had our first sandwich at Subway. We bought the train ticket to Cyberchhaya for 6 ringit.  Almost everything is new for Sela, it will be his big journey.

I guarantee that when he left the country once, he will always find the way to travel more. We have the sense of adventure and explore the world. We are siblings


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