Myanmar/An adventure to a British town

Pyin Oo Lwin — The town which became the summer residence and a hill station of the British Government in Burma. The temperature is usually around 30C and become cooler in the winter goes to around 10C at night, the town is at the elevation of 1070 meters above sea level. A beautiful little town surrounded by strawberries, coffee beans, flowers and forest.

It is located in the Shan Highland, it is about 67 kilometers east of Mandalay. I love drinking Burmese tea in the morning, and then I took a share taxi from Mandalay for only about $2 one way. I love sitting in the share taxi and looked through the way, I observed the way of people live, nature and tree along the way.

I was wearing like a Burmese woman put on the  thanaka (a power) on my both cheeks with a red umbrella. I felt like a local woman. I enjoyed very much of the day in the nature.

My friends and I decided to rent a motorbike and explore the town, even though the town is pretty small, we could just explore by walking. The weather was cooler. I observed, there were many Indian, Chinese settle there.

I have spent most of my time wondering at the flower garden national park named National Kandawgyi Gardens, a beautiful natural place. I have loved to spend my time there very much. Basically, it was my relaxing day, just explore the nature, and be where I feel like moving or rest.

Sreymao and I decided to get back to the main road and order to catch the share taxi back. It was an eggs truck, and we agreed to came along with them. I paid $2 to come back. It was a very heavy rain, the truck drove down hill to Mandalay. It was one of the scariest moment but I kept myself calm.

We were hardly see the road, and after an hour later, the truck broke down, we were waiting the transfer. It was a beautiful day until the end of the day, even the truck broke down, I still enjoyed that journey of a life’s experiences.

I was being transferred by a Jeep and shared an umbrella with one Burmese young girl which we were hardly able to communicate beside smile and laugh together. I felt warm in my heart because even though I could not speak the language, but I know for sure that smile, laugh and sharing kindness is the best language I could always use and share when I go travelling.


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