oland was my first country to visit after I settle down in the Czech Republic. I only knew that I dream is to travel and explore new places. I had friends in Krakow, who came as an exchange students at my school in Czech. So, they invited me and my Cambodian friend to visit and go for camping with them at the mountain.

It was a freezing winter, everywhere was cover by snow, full of white color. They offer me a place to stay and took me to camp with them.

After I arrived to Krakow, I spent a night there, and then the next day, we took a bus to the mountain for camping. It was a freaking freezing moment. I needed to hike up to the mountain, it took about 3h. I had to buy some foods from the start of the mountain then walked up. I met more of their friends that already went up there. It was a bit difficult for me since I was not get used to with walking on the snow and hike up.

Though, the journey is beautiful, all the pine trees were cover by white color. I sometimes stop and witness it beauty. When I arrived up there. I need be inside, because it was so cold. You can image, a girl who mostly experience in the tropical region and now is on the top of the mountain cover by ice and snow. I still enjoy and felt so excited. The only problem was sleeping at night. It was not easy to sleep with the freezing weather.

The next day, when I woke up, I had my big eyes opening. The beauty of the snowy mountain. and I enjoy walking on the soft snow and took a lot of pictures.

Even it was freezing, but I had a lot of fun and made new friends. Experiences things that I have never tried before.


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