I decided to continue my journey to Slovakia from Vienna, 2011. It is not so far from each other. I took a bus and cost 7 Euro to get to Bratislava. Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. I visited only the capital. When I arrived to the bus station of Bratislava, I was not sure if I have arrived to the capital city of Slovakia. It looks so old and even the pubic transportation are old too. People are more friendly. 

I needed to take a bus to get to the hostel. I could not know which bus to take as every signs were just in Slovak. So I decided to asked the people there. One lady tried to helped me to buy the bus ticket from machine, even she could not speak English. Slovakia is called “A little big city ”. It is true that Bratislava is small,but I do not mind, because the matter is the people there. When I feel more hospitality when I step to the land of little big city. I was even just walked to the hostel, but I did not know the direction. 

I have arrived to my hostel. It was about 11 $/night. After I have taken a rest and checked in. The hostel was located in the city center, and Bratislava is small, so I could just explore by walking. There not many tourists like in Vienna. The city is old, but I like the people there. They are nice and friendly to foreigners. That is what I feel when I was visiting Slovakai. The price is similar to Czech Republic though they use Euro, and Czech is still using Koruna.

I love eating the strawberry, and it was cheap, about two Euro for one kilogram. I went to have some street food down town. It was simple and I enjoyed it. In the city center there were a lots more tourists visited, and enjoy their holiday. I have spent my holiday in a cheaper way, since I was a student and every penny of spending need to be counted. However I could manage to travel as I wanted and planned. I don’t know if I ever told you, traveling is one of my big dream. I dream to see the world, I dream to feel the different life style. I dream to see the different angle of the world. It was a very great chance for me that I could settle 3 years in Europe, so I could manage to travel to some part of western countries.

While I was in Bratislava, have bought the city bus ticket for 24 hours. It cost 7 $ and I could go any kind of public transportations. So I went to the lake and enjoy where the people and their family fishing and picnic. I just spent my time there enjoy myself. The weather was just perfect. It was a lovely time, when I just spending time relaxing next to the lake and watching people fishing. The view from the castle was wonderful, and it was a little bit cold during the evening. One of my friend has join, she came all the way from Prague to join the trip with me. We ended up in McDonald, and laugh out loud. There was a funny story about one Indian-American guys behave so funny there. It made us laughing so hard.

After sight seeing, walking, fun, enjoying all day long, and after it is the time for us to be ready to go back to Czech Republic. I started to feel missing my friends and my school.


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