Style of light packing for traveling

Maybe I am not very girly that always need all the make up supplies all the time, when I get too tired when I traveled, I did not even comb my hair, or wash my face, so there is no reason to bring all of those make up stuffs, and in fact I don’t even much of that things. I love to be simple. I love to carry as light as possible when I travel, my back can’t survive when heavy backpack, and I love to carry less.

When I travel from 8 days to 12 days, then my backpack is only about 3 to 4.5 kg of weight. I make sure to pack all the things I will need during my trip. When it comes to packing for traveling, I would spend about 20 minutes to put all things in the bag. I don’t need to bother choosing what type of cloth, or dress  to bring. I pack them into small bags and put inside of another bag.

List of things I would always bring when I travel: 

  • I had my mini first aid, in case I will have some stomach ache, temperature, or cut myself. So I have them when I will need it.
  • I have my umbrella/rain jacket (during rainy season)
  • My personal computer, because I love to write, and in case I need to do some how while I am traveling.
  • I pack shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, shower gel, sunscreen into a mini bottle only the duration I travel.
  • I normal have 3 or 4 shirts(one dress), 2 legging, 2 undershirt , 3 underwear, one long sleeve. (I always wash them at the end of the day, so I always have clean cloth to wear.)
  • A scarf that I could either use as my blanket, use for towel or for a hat or do some styling if I wanted to.
  • A head light.

  • Sunglasses.
  • A notebook and a pen (sometimes my drawing book).
  • A book to read when I get bored or I just want to rest and read.
  • Mosquito lotion to protect myself.
  • A water bottle (I don’t want to pollute using so many plastic bottle, so better to have my own).
  • A Money belt (a wallet design style, so I can wear it around my hips and no one knows that this is my hidden wallet but it looks stylist.
  • One pair of shoes/ and two pair of shocks (depend on where I travel to)
  • And of course I do bring money and passport.

As you see, they are very simple, and easy to carry, I don’t need to wait to get my check in bag. Once the plane landed, I would just continue my journey. How simple is that? I am not a strange girl, but I am different. I only know that I enjoy my journey so much. Not only just a journey of the trip, but a journey called “Life”, because I live my life the way I designed it to be, not by anyone’s or culture expectation. 


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