Koh Chang

Even though, Thailand is very close to Cambodia, but I have never had a chance to visit. I did travel a lots, but mostly countries that I have had visited were in Europe. I have decided to visit...

Travel bag packager-Thailand (part 3)

16 October 2015Sometimes, I like Cambodia way better even though it is messy. It took 2h 30 minutes just to try to find the exchange money. The bank won’t open until 10:30AM. To change the money,...

Camping Khao Yai National Park (Part 2)

14 October 2015 part 2Lovely Khao Yai, I had an easy day again, my knee still hurts. I felt it was going to rain. Though the temperature was just chilly. I met one more new friend. He is...

Just Cross the Border (part 1)

10-Oct-2015My journey to Thailand seeking for living in the nature and escape from a busy city. the bus took 10h instead of 8h. I tried not to take Sorya bus, but I had no choice, because it was...


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