Thailand/Koh Chang

Even though, Thailand is very close to Cambodia, but I have never had a chance to visit. I did travel a lots, but mostly countries that I have had visited were in Europe. I have decided to visit Thailand for the late summer. It was a lovely summer for me since I could share this with my lovely boy. However, I could have a chance to visit my dear friend who studied in Thailand for her bachelor. We have not seen each other about a year. I was very happy to see her at the airport. She was so kind to picked me up at the airport. 

Thankful to her to do so, since I was very tired from 2 days and half of travelling all the way from America and passing through NYC, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand. I finally could be able to take a little rest. However, it was kind of crazy, the time different made me could not fall asleep. I was very excited for the next day to picked up my boyfriend from the airport. It would be 1 year and 1 days of long distance for us. I was a little nervous, how I could face him face to face after one year distance. I will talked more in the session of love story.

Back to Thailand. I was enjoying the foods very much, but it was very spicy most of the foods. The people were so friendly and mostly, they confuse I was Thai girl too. Sometimes, they spoke to me in Thai. I could response and understood some words. When  I went shopping, I could understand how much they said.

I had spent 5 days in Bangkok, the city of no sleep. The traffic were so bad from morning to night. Taxi everywhere. however, the transportation is cheaper than in Cambodia. I got lost sometimes too. It is the world of shopping for those who love shopping. I am out of category. I love more spending time with the nature and sea view. It was good to know, I had a special guide there, she took us to visit the city center. It was very hot, even I almost could not stand, since I was fresh returning from the US.

I had met new friends. We went on a day trip together. We explore the Bangkok by boats. It was cheap, 18 bats for boat ticket and was about 30 minutes. I love being on a boat than a car. I visited the small island where most of the people making pot. When I got there. I felt like I was on my island(my hometown). I rent a bike and rode a round the island. It was a beautiful day. We went to  Myanmar restaurant.

After spending some days in the busy city, my friends took us to the island that is not so far from Cambodia border.  I love it there very much, Koh Chang.  We had spent there 3 more days. I went to swim and eating sea foods. There were many Cambodian people work there.When I was on the island, I felt like Cambodia, since I could find a lots of them speaking Khmer.  Laying on the beach, talking, and watching the sunset was very nice moment. 

The island is very developed. There were not many tourists, since it was a low season for tourists. We went to visit the waterfall. I could not believe, I enjoyed swimming for few hours and did not even feel hungry. It water was so clear and many fishes swimming along with the tourists. My vacation was nice after a hard working in the early summer. Life is too short, do not need to plan too far from the near future, just do it!


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