Travel bag packager-Thailand (part 3)

16 October 2015
Sometimes, I like Cambodia way better even though it is messy. It took 2h 30 minutes just to try to find the exchange money. The bank won’t open until 10:30AM. To change the money, need to copy passport, copy money, signature. In Cambodia, you even can exchange at the store, or use USD directly. On the other hand, it is also good for Thai that require to use only Thai money in their country.

A treat day today. I went to spa, 1h 30 minutes only 10$. It is good service and nice place. After a relaxing hours. I went with the Thai family to eat, the foods were so good. It is cheaper than in Cambodia. I don’t know how it works. Thai earns more income than Cambodian, but foods and goods are way cheapers than Cambodia. There must be something is wrong in Cambodia’s economy. I just don’t get it. My Thai family took me to see nice waterfall, Sarika…! ( I forgot the name) I was sitting next to the driver, who drive go and back crossing the Dam. The view is just so wonderful. While I was sitting and looking at the view, I feel my heart in pain to think about Cambodia’s forest and nature. It is being destroyed every day by illegal logging. When can my government care about nature and protect them, or wait until we have no more trees at all. Or wait until we all burn by the heat and kill by the natural disaster?

My Thai family took me back to the hotel, and we said goodbye, Thai mum gave me one ring. So sweet of her. I will miss her. She is so gentle and lovely. I will learn more Thai so I can talk to her more when I will come back next time.

17th October 2015
I left Prachin Buri at 4 AM in the morning to get back to Cambodia. The van to the border of Cambodia-Thai cost 160 bath/pax, I slept all the way to the border. After about 2 hours of travel, I reached the border. People started to talk to me in Khmer. I was still confused or felt like I am in Cambodia already. I passed through the passport check. I felt depressed after I arrived to Cambodia land. 

I felt so messy. The police did not want to work, there were 3 widows for passport check, but they only worked 1 windows, and the rest were playing with their phone acted like the country belong just to them who hold the power, while the Thai part was working 4 windows at the same time. It made a big different. I do not want to complain but it is the fact. The motor taxi, there were too many of them trying to ask me to go with them just to get to the bus station. I just felt so annoying. I just want to leave alone. I know where to find a bus by myself. If I want a motor taxi, I can call by myself. If I need help, I will ask. Don’t just need to bother me. It does not make Cambodia any better by doing so.

After a long ride, I finally got home at 4:05 PM. About 12 hours of travel. The road was not so nice, it took longer. Though, I arrived home, but my experiences were packed full in my backpack. No one could steal it from me. It is only thing that I push cash and always make me feel richer.


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