Travel makes me Smile

I just love traveling. It is a part of my life. Every time I hear about travelling,I am so excited. It is very important for people to take an advantage from it. Travelling makes me smile. Some people scare of travelling,they think it is not safe. If we think again,dangerous can happen anytime. It is not predictable. 

Travel can be a good lesson to overcome fear and be more confident. I am just a girl,and most people think travel is not safe for girls. However,I have not had any problems related to safety while travelling. I think mostly it is because when I travel,I know and I prepare an advance,I do not go to club or hang out so late. I do not drink alcohol. Most people take an advantage of travelling is a time where they can hang out and get drunk with friends. I do not think that way. 

I love observe and learn from things surrounding me. It is one part of happiness for me to travel, I can’t just lock myself in one place. Travelling is also a chance to get more creative and deeper thoughts. I learn every time I travel. I always get new lesson and new experiences all the time. My dream is travel around the world and I always have hope that my dream can come true. I never give up on my dream. So far I have got some countries that were on my list. I count them one by one every time I have a chance to. Travel make a person get richer. 

Not about the money,but rich in experiences and confident. One quote says”you live only one,but if you do it right,one is enough!”I am lucky enough to live just one,and I never regret on the things that have done. I got my lovely smile to warm people around me. Whenever I have a chance to travel,my heart beats faster,and a sun shine on my face! 


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