Vermont 2013

Travel half round  of the world

My flight was so long, I stopped in Hong Kong for transferred, it was just about less than 2 hours. Hong Kong seems nice, I watch from the plane and mostly covered by water. Lots of tall buildings and is a developed state. After 3 hours of flight from Vietnam, I needed to continue another 15 hours from Hong Kong to New York. I have been sleeping lots, and they keep giving me foods and drinks. I always asked for orange juice, apple juice and water 🙂There were over 200 passengers. When I arrived New York, I watched on the plane and I realized I can’t live in a big city like this. It is very big. I needed to wait for another 7 hours more. 

I was so tired, but my back was okay. Me and my group were almost miss the flight from NCY to Vermont, because of the silly flight management. They changed the gate without announce. We realized for the last 5 min, and luckily we made it. I have been eating bread and noodle since my journey started. When I arrived to the USA, I got breakfast after midnight burger and shake. Fast foods are everywhere. 

It is like I imagined, fast foods and fat people. Lots of them here. However, I have arrived to the camp at about 2AM on Thursday,6th June, 2013. There were a group of young boy around my age or younger, running to welcome us with holding the bottle of beer. Some of them were so happy that they have turned to 21 years old now, because they have right to drink alcohol. I live in the cottage with 8 other girls from all over the world. They are nice to me. The place where I work is so beautiful. Mountain, lake, forest, field