Vermont 2013

Travel half round  of the world

My flight was so long, I stopped in Hong Kong for transferred, it was just about less than 2 hours. Hong Kong seems nice, I watch from the plane and mostly covered by water. Lots of tall buildings and is a developed state. After 3 hours of flight from Vietnam, I needed to continue another 15 hours from Hong Kong to New York. I have been sleeping lots, and they keep giving me foods and drinks. I always asked for orange juice, apple juice and water 🙂There were over 200 passengers. When I arrived New York, I watched on the plane and I realized I can’t live in a big city like this. It is very big. I needed to wait for another 7 hours more. 

I was so tired, but my back was okay. Me and my group were almost miss the flight from NCY to Vermont, because of the silly flight management. They changed the gate without announce. We realized for the last 5 min, and luckily we made it. I have been eating bread and noodle since my journey started. When I arrived to the USA, I got breakfast after midnight burger and shake. Fast foods are everywhere. 

It is like I imagined, fast foods and fat people. Lots of them here. However, I have arrived to the camp at about 2AM on Thursday,6th June, 2013. There were a group of young boy around my age or younger, running to welcome us with holding the bottle of beer. Some of them were so happy that they have turned to 21 years old now, because they have right to drink alcohol. I live in the cottage with 8 other girls from all over the world. They are nice to me. The place where I work is so beautiful. Mountain, lake, forest, field

First Week At Camp

It has been raining for the whole day. I got a strange sleeping pattern still. I fall asleep at my friend’s tent, for about 4 hours during the day time. I forgot my lunch, and when she woke me up, I felt so hungry, so I went to the kitchen and find something to eat. I could not find bread and cheese with ham. I do not want to say, but I miss khmer foods already. Anyways, they provide more than enough foods for us. The directer is very kind to us. I live 10 other girls, 2 from Australia, 1 from Newzeland, 1 from England, 1 from Sweden, other 5 are Americans.  Anyways, I had a good day, and I just love the nature here. Its like in my dream for my future home. I wish to have a home that surrounded by nature, forest, lake, mountain or sea. I just love to be in a peaceful place like that. I do not like living in the big city like NYC or London…,

I was hanging out with them for about 2 hours after dinner. I enjoy being here. I do not talk much, but I listen a lots. I realized it is one way of learning. Three of them do not drink alcohol like me, so when I go to pub with them at least I am not alone. At some point, I realized I am not belong to the group. I don’t find myself enjoy going dancing or drinking like crazy.

My group work with other 4 girls. They re all younger than me. However, they entertain me during the work, singing, dancing, acting funny along. One girl is not talkative, she is always quiet. We work at the canoe house. We were bringing the canoe out to the lake. It was pretty heavy work, but was good as we work as a team. My favorite place is the lake, I feel so nice being there.

I had a nice breakfast and ready to work. It has been raining and also cold too. I worked with the girls.I had fun working with them also. I worked only 6.5 hours today.

I had a short meeting and then I did the first job was helping in the kitchen and clean up. After about 30 minutes, I went to do some clean up at the office. I got some times to go through and clean up all the books in the shelf. I have found some interesting books to read. I have started with the Sahara desert book, there are more with Amazon, Hamalaya, Far North, and couples more I want to read. I also have some books with me, but I have not read much of them yet. I like more writing than reading. I had lunch, I did not like much today, but I like eating salad with the blue cheese dressing. I start to know and enjoy eating cheese slowly now.

I had 15 minutes break after lunch, and then I helped to clean out in the kitchen again. I did some fixing the chairs and organized the kitchen, clean up the dinning area and tables, and then I went to the farm help the girls for a short time. And I had back to the office do some office work. It was fun to stick the US steam and organized the envelopes. I like working with the Black American a lots. The last thing I did today was to swab the tree leave from the Lake path. It was hard work, and yeah, I had a long day. I got full day of working today. I have stopped for a while at the green field. It was so beautiful. I decided to sit for a while and watch sunset.

After I get back from watching sunset.  The girls were talking and wearing make up at the same time. They asked me if I want to join them to the bar. I said No, and one of them asked me”How old are you?”. I said 23 years old. She said, and 23 years old you do not want to go to the bar? I said No, You can have fun.

Next day, I went to help lift up the boxes ( it was heavy) I could carry only 3 times. Then I worked at the garden. I talked to Jean. She is about 50 to 55 years old. She is nice. I had shared with her about my life and travel experiences. She was just amazed how I have been so far since I am just from a simple family. After about 3 hours of work. I went back to the main house and had lunch. Life here for now is about eating and having fun. There are not many work. They are mostly a fun work and take it easy.

Last day of Pre-work, I worked at the farm and garden. I was so enjoy at the garden very much. I just love it there. I have made some new friends and they are just so nice to me most of them. I came to have lunch and relax near the fire for about half hour. Then I help the new girl with the Internet. She needed to contact her family. So, my afternoon work was painting the stair with waterseal. So the water will not go inside the wood. I went to say hello to a new comer ( pigs, cows, ships, and chicken). They are so nice, however, these are not new for me. I have been raised up with this type of environment. I go to farm and garden because I have a feeling like being home.

My trip started at about 8:30AM. We went to the highest mountain in VT, call Stowe mountain. It was about 2 hours drive from BC. When I get their, I was first excited about that, but after about 5 minutes, it started to rain and so cold. I decided to walk up to the highest peak. I started to feel so freezing hands and my clothes started to get so wet and cold. The rain and foggy, I almost could not see anythings. The weather here can not expected. Yesterday, was sunny and warm all day long, and today was so cold and raining. However, I did it, I was on the top of the highest mountain in VT. It was quiet amazing and adventure. 

I have arrived to Ben and Jerry ice cream factory. I had a 30 minutes tour on how the ice cream is made and got a chance to try the ice cream. It was just so good. I first tasted it, and remind of me right a way about Italy ice cream. However, it was my good experienced for being here. I needed to stay in line in order to order the ice cream. It was about 20 minutes standing for order. There were so many people that came to Ben and Jerry ice cream. They were waiting even it was raining. People holding their umbrella and waited for order. I got my milk and cookie,and coconut with 7 layer bar. It was so good. I got the small one. It was so big for me. I have spend about 20 minutes just to finished it. The other just finished with less than 10 minutes. I asked “This is call small?”

Session I

The session I has started, it was something new for me that I will have to learn and working with. It last for three weeks. I had 6 girls for my cabin. However, I had 2 other counselors that worked with me. Dealing with kids, some times is not fun, at the same time, some kids are just lovely. For this session, I got one very difficult kid. She has a hard time dealing with her attitude. Her behave makes the kids around her did not want to play with her. She lie to people around her. However, the rest were fine. It was very loud for the whole three weeks. Those kids have touched my heart. The last day that their parents came to picked them up, I was a little sad. One girl was crying to leave us. 

Session II

As I have some experienced from the previous session, so I was more confident with this session. However, there were 2 kids that had a difficulty with their attitude. I had a difficult first week. Her attitude was just driven us crazy. It was hard time, that has pushed the other kids a way from her. We tried our best to deal with. The second week the situation become better. We got a long better with all the kids. They could worked as team and play together. There was one trip on Wednesday. So kids could choose what type of trip they wanted to go. The evening of Wednesday was a social where the camp for boy and girl met and make friends. There were many activities that kids could choose.

Session III

The session 3 was the last session of the summer camp. I got 9 kids again this time. I got some of my favorite kids, however, there were 3 kids at the first night crying and missing home. One girl was worse. She cried so much.It scared us a lots. Another girl had a hard time adjust her attitude too. The way she treated other was like something that could not make them respect her. The first week was always the hardest part for all the session.Following week was okay. The situation become better. It was very hard session. One of my counselor got sick, so she needed to move back home and meeting her doctor. Only 2 counselors managed 9 kids which 3 of them were hard to deal with. Coming to the week 3, was better. We understand each other and could cooperate and work together, play and have fun together.

The end, I felt, I had learned very much for the last 10 weeks. It was one of my dream to visit USA, I was mostly curious to know how America looks like. I was fortunate to achieved my dream. 


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