I have been to Saigon twice. The first time for only taking a plane there to USA, because it was cheaper.. I took a bus from Cambodia to Saigon. It took 6 hours. I have been traveling to many countries in Europe, but never been to my neighboring country. It did not impress me much, instead, I felt so depress from so many people come to me and trying to get me to stay in their hotel.

My second time was leading 24 American students to travel cross Vietnam to Cambodia. I have stayed here for few days. I spent sometimes explore the Saigon. Took a cyclo tour, went to the museum, eat Pho.

When I was in Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh, I felt like too many people, a lot of pollution and depressing. I always need to get out of the city almost every month. But Saigon is even worse. Too many motorbikes, too many people. I felt like of messy.

After exploring Saigon, I went with the group to Chanto, the Mekong Delta. Oh I also went to the floating village. It was my first time. It is quiet interesting. I ate the noodle they sell on the boat. It is interesting how to live a life on the boat.

The bed is small, I don’t know why Vietnamese people always make the room and bed so small. I know, it is the way of the culture and people live.


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